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  Fun Facts
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Pile of Bacon           Miners made any where from twelve to thirty-five dollars per ounce of gold. This may seem like it was a lot of money for one ounce of gold and it was in those days. All of the supply prices were increased due to supply and demand. But if you think about the cost of living and mining supplies it really wasn't that much. Things like eggs could cost up to three dollars an egg. Pills cost ten dollars each without the advice from a doctor, and one hundred dollars with the advice from a doctor. Some other costs for items includes, whiskey was six-teen dollars a bottle, sugar was one dollar and fifty cents per pint, water could cost any where from one, five, ten, or one hundred dollars a glass, and coffee was one dollar per pint. Things in the old days cost allot, the miners could pay 100 dollars for a glass of water. Sugar for $1.50 per pint, Coffee was $1.00 per pint and Liquor was $4.00 per pint. But other things were really cheap like bacon for a Penney a pound, some people had so much that they dumped it on the side of the road, one guy said he saw ten tons in one pile.

Wind Wagon           Some people thought of new ways to the west, one guy tried to fly people there in a hot air balloon with propeller driven by stem engines he got as far as the poster and people lining up but it didn'tít work. An other guy tried to use the wind to get the west so he put sail on his wagon but it just sailed away from him with the first gust of wind. Others just tried to push a wheel barrel all the way to California. Other people tried making new trails west but one wagon ended up down in South American.

          I think it is really cool that people back in 1849 tried to build an airplane using a hot air balloon and stem engines, this was a really good idea just a bit ahead of its time though. I also thought the wind powered wagon, but I think they forgot breaks. I donít think I would have paid 100 dollars to get a glass of water. I think if I was in the old west I donít think I would be a miner I would be a shop keeper, because if it was slow I could just go mine a little or I could sell water and run a little gambling place, to me this seemed like the best way to make money. I also think that it would have been cool to see and big pile of bacon just sitting on the side of the road, because if you were hungry you just take some bacon. So you better hope you don't get sick.

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